Effective Listening Skills Training Seminar

Seminar Outline:

Are you familiar with the saying, “I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but the problem is that what you thought you heard me say is not really what I meant?”

Eighty-percent of effective communication involves learning how to be a good listener. Today’s high-stress, fast-paced business climate makes it more difficult than ever to take the time to be a good listener.

Simply hearing someone is not enough. You must have the skill and desire to understand what it is that he is trying to communicate.

In our Effective Listening Skills seminar we will teach you a set of tools and techniques that will immediately enhance your ability to listen carefully and understand the meaning of the message.

Seminar Objectives:

Participants in the Effective Listening Skills seminar will learn:

  • Fundamentals of Strategic Listening
  • The difference between hearing and listening
  • The relationship between Active and Strategic Listening
  • The Business Case for Strategic Listening
  • How to frame your Listening Behavior by gaining an understanding of your personality style and that of our audience
  • How to recognize the effects of your non-verbal communication clues on those around you
  • To understand the value of hearing, interpreting, evaluating, and responding, which are the four components of the Strategic Listening process
  • The disastrous “Don’ts” of Strategic Listening

On-Site Training: can be tailored to the needs of client organization and delivered on-site at time and location of client choice.

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Class Size: 6-15 (Please note that we can increase the class size for private seminars)
Length: 2 hrs
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"The course helped me to raise my awareness of the different communicator personalities and how to ensure that communication is effectively transmitted."

Kay Rehse, Sales


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